Banana bread

I have a confession to make. I hate bananas! In fact banana is probably one of my least favorite fruits. I just have a complex relationship with bananas; I hate eating them but I’m also aware of their positive benefits on people’s health. I think the only time I could find myself willingly eating bananas is when I’m working out because bananas are a great energy supplier. Most of the time, I hate bananas in fruit salads (too mushy to look appealing for me), drinks, smoothies, ice creams or yogurts. Without even trying to taste it, I was categorically opposed to the idea of eating banana bread. And it wasn’t as if my sister, who loves everything bananas, hadn’t tried to convert me.

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Mikaté (Vegan African Donuts)

The Lingala word for donut is Mokaté (in plural the right word is Mikaté). Mikaté are commonly served for breakfast and for snack time. In Brazzaville (Congo), Mikaté are a street food favorite that you can find on the stand of almost every street vendor in popular neighbourhoods. It’s also the case in Brazzaville’s twin city across the Congo River, Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of Congo). In fact, Mikaté are without a doubt among the most liked and eaten dishes in both Congos.

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Almond cookies

This recipe was inspired by a recipe shared with me by a friend of mine who is from Chinese descent. When my friend made me taste her cookies years ago, I instantly loved them. I probably ate a good bunch of them within minutes. It was simply addictive, especially with a cup of tea. After years of eating them, I finally decided to try to make them myself. This recipe basically is a twisted version of my friend’s Chinese Almond Cookies. For example, my friend’s cookies didn’t have almond meal; however, since I wanted the almond flavor to be more present in the cookie dough, I added almond meal in my recipe. And I quite liked the result of it.

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