Roasted Brussels sprouts with bacon

Many years ago, if someone had told me that I would be eating Brussels sprouts one day, I would have laughed at that person’s face. Growing up, I disliked almost every vegetables and Brussels sprouts were my least favorite among them. I probably hated their bitter aftertaste. And most people also don’t rave about their unappealing smell as well. However, just few years ago, after making a lot of changes in my eating habits, I found the perfect way to cook Brussels sprouts.

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Érablière Charbonneau (Review)

Last Sunday, with a group of friends, we went to a Cabane à Sucre outside Montréal. Cabanes à Sucre or Sugar Shacks in English are popular traditional establishments in Québec where maple syrup and everything sweet are celebrated. It’s basically an institution and a must-stop for anyone visiting the Belle Province between October and April.

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