Hazelnut cake with chocolate ganache

As you could have noticed, I haven’t posted as many blog posts as I intended to do over the past two months. Because I started a new job with busy schedules, I didn’t have the time on my agenda to focus on my blog. But hopefully, with the holiday season coming up, I will be able to share with you some of my favorite recipes for the holidays.

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Cardinal Tea room (Review)

Sorry for being away for so long but I was out of town for a couple days and when I returned home I didn’t really had the time to blog on anything because I had to take care of important things. Back to the topic du jour, last week I went to have tea time at one of the best tea rooms (in my humble opinion) in Montreal. I have heard of The Cardinal Tea room a couple years ago from friends and their reviews were mostly positive. So I added the place to my check list of the many food places to try in Montreal. And quite honestly it was a great experience. As a matter of fact, I put a big emphasis on the word experience.

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Sweetened condensed milk rum cake

There is a category of foods that you know is bad for your health but you can’t deny yourself the pleasure of eating and enjoying them. And condensed milk is among those ingredients. Be honest, haven’t you ever had a spoon of condensed milk straight from the can? I know I have. And on numerous occasions because condensed milk is one of my many guilty pleasures.

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