Salted cod with sautéed vegetable (or Makayabu)

Makayabu is the Lingala word for Bacalhau (Portuguese) or Bacalao (Spanish) also known as dried and salted cod. Salting food is probably the world’s oldest known food preservation method, which is probably the reason why dried and salted cod has been over centuries one of the most used ingredients in almost every part of the globe.

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Zucchini pasta with Shrimp and vodka

When the weather gets warmer, I usually hate to eat foods that are on the heavy side. During spring and summer, I prefer to eat lighter foods and less starch. That’s why, two years ago, I immediately fell in love with the idea of Zucchini pasta after surfing for new ideas on Pinterest. At first, I was skeptical because, for me, pasta normally meant made with flour and eggs. So I was certain that I wouldn’t like it. Then I tried it and I simply loved it. Since then, making Zucchini pasta is now part of my cooking habits.

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