L’Avenue Restaurant (Review)

Last week, I went out for brunch with a group of friends, and one had the brilliant idea to take us to L’Avenue Restaurant. To be honest with you, I had previously heard of the place while watching You Got To Eat Here on Food Network months ago, and I promised myself to go there and to give it a try. So I was particularly excited to finally get to eat at L’Avenue. The restaurant is basically a ‘must-stopped’ for anyone in search for a good place to have brunch.

Located on Mont-Royal Avenue, maybe two blocks away from the Mont-Royal subway station, L’Avenue is a small yet inviting place where the staff is very welcoming and nice. Since it’s a tiny space with a lot demand, we had to get in line outside while waiting for a table to be available. There is no possibility to call and make a reservation. Waiting outside, at -6 °C/22 °F, was probably the downside of the experience; however I would have probably complained less if it was a beautiful sunny day instead of a chilly and cold Saturday morning. Luckily for our large group, the hostess was kind enough to allow us to wait inside the heated lobby (miniscule one) while waiting for a table. Once inside, I was very impressed by the retro/eclectic décor of the restaurant. Having seen it on TV, I knew what to expect when walking inside. But, I was impressed nonetheless by the motorcycle hanging from the ceiling over the tables. The artistic graffiti painted on the wall gave to the dining room a certain charm and warmth. Nothing fancy. But very welcoming. (Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of the dining room). And the kitchen is open, so you can see what is been done behind the counter.


Coin Coin Benedict


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Enough with the décor, let’s talk about the food. Even before setting a foot inside the restaurant, I had a clear picture of what I wanted to eat. I had heard nothing but compliments about the eggs benedict served at L’Avenue. And I wasn’t disappointed. They offer a large variety of eggs benedict on their menu. As tempted as the other choices were, I settled for their famous Coin Coin Benedict. It’s a dish of eggs benedict with duck confit. It’s basically two poached eggs served on top of two English muffins garnished with shredded pieces of duck confit and covered with a rich Hollandaise sauce. The whole thing comes with a ramekin of potatoes rissoles. After one bite, I was conquered. The food was delicious, totally worth the time spent outside, in the cold, waiting in line to get in. I personally enjoyed my experience, so did everyone around the table. We simply had a great time and the waitress assigned to our table was very nice. We came with empty stomachs, we left satiated and satisfied.

And it wasn’t expensive and very affordable. The plate of eggs benedict was around $15 and it was a copious dish.

Out of 5, I gave L’Avenue Restaurant 4 stars. I will definitely return there.


Each order comes with a plate of fruits skewer. I found it very inventive compared to your traditional fruits salad served on the plate.

Try their delightful Café au Nutella. It’s unconventional to put Nutella in your coffee, yet this coffee tasted so good that I might try to add Nutella in my coffee at home.

Also try their hot chocolate with whipped cream (Pictured). I know it’s just a hot chocolate but there is nothing more comforting than hot chocolate served with a rich whipped cream.

L’Avenue Restaurant is open everyday from 8AM to 4PM. I checked and unfortunately I didn’t find an official website of the restaurant. But here is the address :

922 Avenue du Mont-Royal E, Montréal, H2J 1X1

Phone:(514) 523-8780

And There is an Official Facebook Page  for more information.

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