Happy New Year!!

2016 has been an amazing year for me and I’m so grateful for what I had the privilege to experience over the last 12 months, from launching this blog to my writing aspirations. I have no resolution written down for 2017, but I have few projects I expect to get done. So my hope for 2017 is for this year to be filled with great opportunities and success for my family, my friends and myself.

Picture found on Google Image

I also wanted to use this opportunity to announce that this year I will try to add new contents on my blog, in addition to culinary topics. In fact, since I’m planning to do a major makeover of my bedroom in the coming months, I expect to share with you some of my DIY décor projects. Hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I will. And please don’t hesitate to comment and ask questions, I love getting feedbacks because it’s the best way to improve myself.

Once again, I wish you a Happy New Year 2017 filled with success, prosperity and love!


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