Buttermilk Cornbread muffins

Christmas is probably the only time in the year where you shouldn’t feel guilty of gormandizing. After all it’s a time for celebration and joy with your family and friends. On Christmas, in my family, we have various family traditions, however over the last few years, since moving to North America, I have introduced some new culinary traditions to our Christmas gatherings.

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Liboké Ya MBika or MBika cakes with shrimp and smoked fish (cakes with squash flour)

We are already in August and I decided for this month to introduce you to some of my favorite dishes, especially the African ones. And today, I’m making MBika cakes with Shrimp and smoked fish. MBika (the word used in Lingala) is commonly called Egusi in West Africa and Pistache in Cameroon. In West and Central Africa, Egusi seeds, protein-rich seeds of certain cucurbitaceous plants, like squash, melons or gourds, are ground into flour whose texture is similar to almond meal.

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